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Grandpa Jones Day

Are You From Dixie

Eight More Miles to Louisville is one of Betty Calvert’s favorite songs to sing and is one of the songs on The SunnySide Band’s new CD.  It was written and recorded by Grandpa Jones who was born in Niagra, KY on October 20, 1913, and he died on February 19, 1998.  He was born Louis Marshall Jones and was known professionally as Grandpa Jones.  He was an American banjo player and “old time” country and gospel music singer and is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.   Jim Lilly performs several of the other songs that Grandpa recorded as well, such as Are You from Dixie, that’s on our CD too, and T for Texas.  Carol Phillips enjoys singing Mountain Dew and Old Rattler and gets many requests for both of these songs at each performance.

If you would like to hear Jim singing Are You from Dixie and Betty singing Eight More Miles to Louisville, we invite you to visit our Home page and our Music page.  We also invite you to purchase one of our CD’s, and then you can listen to these fine songs any time day or night.  We also invite you to visit our Feedback page and leave us a comment and let us know what you think.  While you’re browsing, you might want to visit our Gigs page to see where we will be performing in the near future.

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