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Carol Phillips' Grandfather's fiddle

The fiddle is the backbone of old-time music or Roots music.  Brought over from Europe with the earliest settler, it was portable and could be tucked under the arm or stowed under a wagon seat for a westward journey.  Though some God-fearing people thought the fiddle was the instrument of the devil, many others held the fiddler in high esteem.  Not only could he accompany some of the old ballads, but he could also provide the music for dances.  In the years before the guitar and banjo became popular, the fiddle was often the only instrument that could play for dancing.  The tunes the first fiddlers played were brought over from Europe.  It wasn’t long before fiddlers composed new tunes and gradually added words to some of them.  Occasionally the fiddler would holler out a verse or two to break up the monotony of playing for the long dances.  Many verses were made up on the spot and others called “floating verses,” drifted carelessly from tune to tune and became the bases of the old-time tunes that The SunnySide Band sings.

The SunnySide Band invites you to purchase one of their CD’s so you can listen to some of these old-time tunes.  We encourage you to visit our Home page and our Music page to get a preview of our favorite old-time tunes.  While you’re browsing, please visit our Gigs page to see where The SunnySide Band will be performing in the near future.  Please leave us a comment on our Feedback page and let us know what you think of the band.

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    You’re on top of the game. Thanks for shanrig.

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