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  • May2nd

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    At The Gateway Theater

    The SunnySide Band performing at the River City Radio Hour

    The SunnySide Band is excited about the Augusta Free Press wanting to interview them for an article to advertise their performance at The Gateway Theater on May 12 at 8:00pm.   The Band will also perform a song or two during this interview.  We hope our friends from the Shenandoah Valley and The Blue Ridge Mountains will come out an support us May 12.

    The SunnySide Band would encourage you to visit their Music page and listen to a few of their favorite selections, then visit their Gigs page to see where they will be performing in the near future.  If you are having an event this year, the Band would encourage you to consider having them come and share their music with you and your guest, just visit their Book Us page and leave your information.

  • January4th

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    Article about the Autoharp

     The SunnySide Band performing at the Stone Soup

    The SunnySide Band would like to thank the Americana Rhythm Music Magazine for the wonderful article about the Autoharp.  Mr. Edward Tutwiler, editorial assistant, has been a friend to SunnySide and to the Autoharp as well.  He wrote an article about The SunnySide Band in the November 2010 edition of Americana Rhythm Music Magazine, and the latest edition includes the informative article about the autoharp.  The Autoharp has been hidden under the bed for many years, and most bands would like to leave it there.  Thank you Mr. Tutwiler for bringing some well-deserved attention to this lovely instrument.  Carol Phillips, the autoharp player in The SunnySide Band, would also like to thank Mr. Tutwiler for using her comments in the article.

    The SunnySide Band would like to invite you to visit their Music page and listen to some of their favorite tunes featuring the autoharp.  The Band would like to encourage you to have them play for your next event, just visit their Book Us page and leave your information.

  • April5th

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    The Eight Categories

    Back Are You From Dixie

    According to Wayne Erbsen, arthor of the Backpocket Old Time Song Book, Old-Time Music or Roots Music is divided into eight categories — Minstrel Songs, Dance Tunes, Ballads, Knockdown Tunes, Ticklin’ Songs, Old-Fashioned Parlor Songs, Lonesome Tunes and Gospel Songs.  Mr. Erbsen believes that anybody with or without a set of tonsils who can mumble, whisper, or talk, can sing.  Pack up your songbook and a lunch and head out to the nearest mountain top, rice paddy, or pasture.  Cows love music and make a wonderful audience.  If they approve, try groundhogs, rabbits, and telephone poles, if you don’t hear any complaints, you know you’re singing on pitch.   I don’t know about Jim and Betty, but I have sung to a flock of 50 geese, and they seemed to like my singing.

    If you would like to hear The SunnySide Band singing some old-time songs, we invite you to visit our Home page and our Music page.  While you’re there, please take a moment and visit our Gigs page to see where The Band will be performing in the near future, and visit our Feedback page to leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the us.   We hope you like what you see and hear and will purchase a CD so you can take us with you.

  • February18th

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    Graves Mountain

    The Free Lance-Star

    The Fredericksburg newspaper, The Free Lance-Star ran an article today about Graves Mountain Lodge and all of the events that would be taking place there in 2011.  The Sunny Side Band came up in the lineup for the Spring Gospel/Bluegrass Festival complete with performance times.

  • October13th

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    Hi Ya’ll

    The Americana Rhythm Music Magazine in the Shenandoah Valley did a great aricle on Sunny Side in the Sept/Oct edition.  Go on the Web and put  The article appears on page 14.