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  • May16th

    Ada Blenkhorn & J. Howard Entwisle (1899)

    Back Are You From Dixie

    “Early in Ada Blankhorn’s life, she was given the task of caring for an invalid nephew who always wanted his wheel chair to be pushed ‘down the sunny side of the street.’  His constant repetition of this phrase inspired her to write the gospel ‘Keep On The Sunny Side of Life.’ (Phil Kerr)  “We learned this song from A.P.’s uncle, Laish Carter, who was a music teacher.  We recorded it in 1928 in Camden, NJ.  After we recorded it and started singing it on the radio, we used it as our theme song.  A.P. has a gold record of this song on his tombstone.”  (Mother Maybelle Carter, of The Original Carter Family)

    To those of you who follow my daily blog, you will notice that once again my train has derailed.  I started writing about the events that inspired some of the songs that SunnySide‘s very own Betty Calvert sings  during each one of our performances, and then I jumped off in another direction.  Time to get back on track!  The SunnySide Band took it’s name from this song.  If you would like to hear Betty singing Keep on the Sunny Side, we invite you to visit our Music page and then if you like what you hear, we invite you to purchase one of our CD’s.  The Band would also like to invite you to visit our Feedback page and leave us a comment or two.  If you would like to have The SunnySide Band play for your next event, just visit our Book Us page and fill in the blanks.

  • April26th

    The Folk Arrival 1961-1965

    Carol Phillips Grandmother

    Carol Phillip's Grandmother – Posted on The Wall of Music in the Old Homestead Museum

    From 1961 through 1965, the Friends of Old Time Music (F.O.T.M.) brought fourteen concerts of traditional folk music (roots music), old time country music (classic country music), bluegrass, blues and gospel music to New York City audiences.  The concerts represented the first New York appearances–often the first performances before urban “folk” audiences–by many of the most influential traditional musicians of the 20th century including Clarence Ashley, Doc Watson, Mississippi John Hurt, Maybelle Carter, Fred McDowell, Roscoe Holcomb, and Dock Boggs.

    The SunnySide Band invites you to visit their Home page and their Music page to listen to their version of old time music and classic country music songs by some of the musicians mentioned above.  The Band also invites you to visit their Gigs page to see where they will be performing in the near future and to visit their Feedback page and leave them a comment.  The SunnySide Band would like to meet you and share their music with you, so they would encourage you to consider having them play for your next event.  Just visit the Contact page and fill in the blanks–they will do the rest.