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  • March17th

    Live WSVG Radio Station Interview

    The SunnySide Band Radio Interview

    The live interview that WSVG Radio did with The SunnySide Band this past Tuesday on TuesdayTunes Day in Mt. Jackson, VA has been posted on the internet.  We didn’t do too bad for the first time, and the music sounds pretty good.  We hope you will get up the courage to check us out HERE! We will be posting the location of pictures that were taken at WSVG Radio Station just as soons as we can find them ourselves.

    While you’re looking around on the internet why not visit The SunnySide Band’s Home page or listen to our songs on the Music page.  As always, we encourage you to purchase one of our CD’s and to leave a comment on our Feedback page.

  • March15th

    Interview? Another First

    The SunnySide Band Radio Interview

    The SunnySide Band did its first radio station interview today at WSVG 790AM in Mt. Jackson, Virginia.  Wade Shaver was one of the DJ’s, and he made us feel very comfortable in the studio.  He asks questions that we were able to answer without picking our brain too hard.  He seemed truly interested in how Jim Lilly became interested in playing the acoustic quitar, how Betty Calvert learned to play the upright bass, and how Carol Phillips learned to play the autoharp (and how many strings it had).  He asked us to play our favorite song LIVE on the air!  We decided to play Are You From Dixie, which is the title of our CD.  He asked us to chose another song, so we decided to sing a Patsy Cline song, Crazy Arms, since Patsy got her start in the music business at this very radio station.  We told Wade that Jim wrote two of the songs on our CD, so he suggested that we sing one of them — Jim chose Singing On the Mountain Side.  WSVG is going to post the interview and pictures on their Website, so check it out —

    Check out The SunnySide Band Website Home page or Music page to hear our favorite songs and visit our Blog page and visit our Feedback page to leave us a comment.  We always invite you to purchase one of our CD’s to enjoy our favorite songs in their entirety.

  • March3rd

    Change in Radio Station Interview


    The SunnySide Band got a call this morning to request a change of plans — the Radio Station host, Wade Shaver asked us to reschedule our interview visit from March 8 to March 15 because of conflicting appointments.  SunnySide is so flexible that we agreed right away — March 15 it is.

  • March2nd

    Our first Radio Station Interview


    The SunnySide Band is excited to be invited to WSVG Radio Station 790AM on your dial in Mt Jackson next Tuesday, March 8 to be interviewed on Tuesday Tunes Day.  The half hour program begins at 12:30pm, and we will answer questions that the host throws our way and play a tune or two on live radio.  We hope all of our friends in the Mt Jackson/New Market area will tune in and also invite their friends to give us a listen.