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  • June8th

    Louis Goullaud and C. A. White / 1870

    Carol Phillips and Jim Lilly

    The beautiful, simple melody and the plaintive words to Little Rosewood Casket make it a classic of old-time singing.  Entitled A Package of Old Love Letters, it was composed in 1870 by Louis P. Goullaud and C. A. White.

    This old time tune is a favorite of Carol Phillips, the autoharp player with The SunnySide Band.  To hear more SunnySide favorites, the Band would encourage you to visit their Music page and then to visit their Feedback page and leave them a comment.  The SunnySide Band would also encourage you to visit their Gigs page to see where they will be performing next and to make sure their performance has not been canceled.  Jim Lilly, the acoustic guitar player is still recovering from Shingles, but he does plan to make their Saturday, June 11 performance at The Peaks of Otter on The Blue Ridge Parkway.  SunnySide would like to play for your next event, just visit their Book Us page and leave your information.

  • May1st

    Doc Watson

    Posted in: Music

    Prominent Musician and Song Writer

    Jim Lilly's Guitar

    He was born on March 2, 1923 Arthel Lane “Doc” Watson in Deep Gap, NC and was visually impared from birth.  He is recognized as one of the few remaining links to 1930’s and ’40’s string band music.  He was born into a family with a rich musical tradition–his mother sung traditional secular songs as well as gospel songs and his father played the banjo.  Doc’s early instrumental experience was with the harmonica and a homemade banjo, but at age thirteen he taught himself the chords to “When the Roses Bloom in Dixieland” on a borrowed acoustic guitar.

    The SunnySide Band did not record a Doc Watson song on their CD, but they do perform several of his tunes.  The SunnySide Band invites you to visit their Home page and their Music page to listen to some of their favorite old time or roots music tunes, they would also encourage you to visit their Gigs page to see where they will be performing next.  The Band hopes you will visit their Feedback page and leave them a comment.  The SunnySide Band would like to meet you and share their music with you and the best way to do that is to have them play for your next event.  Just visit their Contact page and fill in the blanks–one of the band members will get back to you.

  • February22nd

    The SunnySide Band song selections

    Graves Mountain 

    Carol Phillips visited today with the promoter of the Spring Gospel and Bluegrass Festival at Graves Mountain Lodge.   They discussed the groups that will be playing there and the types of songs that the SunnySide Band will be playing.  She is happy to report that The SunnySide Band will be playing gospel music as well as secular music at this festival.

  • February20th

    Sunday Gathering

    Graves Mountain

    The Sunny Side Band is all together today to work on our gospel and secular music selections for the Spring Gospel/Bluegrass Festival on March 26 at Graves Mountain Lodge.

  • February19th

    Change of music format for Graves Mountain Lodge

    Graves Mountain

    We talked to a representative at Graves Mountain Lodge this morning and found out that The Sunny Side Band can play secular music as well as gospel music at the March 26 Spring Festival.